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What is Trauma?

The word trauma describes the distressing emotional consequences of a particular event which leaves the person feeling unsettled, disconnected and fearful. Trauma can look different for everybody. What is most impactful is not the event itself, but the emotional experience that our system experiences

Image symbolizing support for Trauma, reflecting a safe and compassionate environment at The Therapy Space

Symptoms of Trauma

Fatigue, easily startled by noises or unexpected touch, flashbacks of the memory or emotion, heart racing, sweating, headache, digestive issues, trouble sleeping, irritability

Emotional swings, emotional dysregulation depression, fear, anxiety,
self-blame, shame, guilt, suicidal thoughts, difficulty trusting others,
fears of betrayal, hopelessness

Tendency to isolate, self-harm, avoidance related to trauma triggers,
dissociating , increase use of unhealthy coping mechanisms (i.e.
substance use, overeating)

How can therapy help?


Creating stability by connecting withsafety resources, learning coping tools and fostering skills around emotional regulation.


Processing traumatic memories and emotions in a supportive and safe space in order to move through the barriers they have created for us.


Reconnecting with meaningful parts of our life that were impacted by trauma - the relationship with ourselves, friends, family and the world aound us.

Trauma Therapy Approaches

Effective evidence-based interventions our therapists may use

Internal Family Systems
Compassion Inquiry
Somatic Experiencing
Cognitive Processing Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Emotion Focused Therapy
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Why is Trauma-Informed Therapy Important?

Two speech bubbles representing safety and trust in trauma informed therapy

Safety & Trust

Prioritizes creating a safe and trusting environment where individuals feel secure to explore past traumas without fear.

Two hands holding a heart, representing emotional regulation in trauma informed therapy

Emotional Regulation

Equips individuals with specialized techniques to regulate overwhelming emotions stemming from past traumas or hardships

Heart with a cross representing empowerment in trauma informed therapy


Empowers individuals to reclaim their sense of control and agency, facilitating the journey towards healing and recovery.

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