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Education & Certifications:
  • Master’s of Arts in Counselling Psychology  (Candidate)
  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training


Email: ashley@thetherapyspace.co

I am passionate about embodiment, which is possible through connecting to the inherent wisdom of our bodies. I believe we all have the inherent ability to heal, we just need to learn the tools to connect with ourselves to do so. Throughout our lives we experience ruptures, and traumas that impact our ability to trust not only others, but also ourselves. It becomes our opportunity to journey back to ourselves with compassion, when we are ready. I understand how challenging and isolating it can feel to move through your healing journey, but you do not have to do it alone.

My passion in life is to support you in creating, and re-creating a fulfilling, heart-led life that aligns to your deepest values. Regardless of the topics we are exploring and unpacking together, I create a non-judgemental space where you are safe to share your deepest experiences. I am motivated to support you in moving through any difficult life transitions, regardless of the topics that arise. I also have a special interest in supporting those who are experiencing relationship issues (romantic, platonic or familial), as well as individuals with disordered eating, chronic illness, anxiety, and depression.

I operate from a trauma-informed approach, with the view that you are the expert of your own life and deep within you, you have the answers. I am here to guide you in connecting with and trusting the deepest part of yourself, while also creating space for the many parts within you to be witnessed and integrated. I also believe that looking at your past, and understanding the development of your patterns can support you in developing more self-compassion. The therapeutic approaches that I use most often include Psychodynamic, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Narrative Therapy (NT), and Mindfulness.

If you think we would align, or you are curious about working with me, please do not hesitate to connect with me for a free 20-minute phone consultation. My number is 647-875-7793 and my email is ashley@thetherapyspace.co I look forward to hearing from you and it would be my honour to support you on your journey back to yourself.

Types of therapy:

Internal Family Systems
Somatic-Based Interventions
Narrative Therapy

Community focus:

New To Canada

Q&A with

Ashley Noonan

What is it like working with you?

Working with me feels like landing softly in a safe place, where you can begin to fully exhale. During our sessions I will always ensure you feel heard, seen, and metaphorically held so that you can process your experiences and feel supported through your journey. We will take time to connect with the many parts of you, some of which may have been left behind. Each session will be reflective of your current needs, as we work towards the goals we have collaboratively set during our journey together. You can anticipate warmth, compassion and curiosity from me as I support you in challenging your thoughts, assumptions and narratives that are currently shaping your life.

What do you like most about being a therapist?

What I love most about being a therapist is my opportunity to connect with others in this human experience. I believe it is such a privilege and gift, to hold space for you in your most vulnerable moments and remind you that you are safe, you are worthy and you are so capable of overcoming whatever challenges you are facing in your life. There is no career that is more aligned than my vocation of becoming a therapist.

What are some ways you take care of your mental health?

Setting boundaries and prioritizing my wellness is the foundation of my self-care. This looks like staying committed to being active, as I love to work out, hike and do yoga. Each week I love having meaningful connection with my loved ones and intentional quality time is a priority for me. Sometimes that looks like game nights, long walks by the lake, or trying new restaurants. I am also committed to attending my own therapy, engaging in my own journaling process and attending ongoing education to ensure I am grounded and honest as a therapist.

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